About Us

Jamie & Nick – Owner & Artist

Jamie & Nick – Owner & Artist

Our vision is to provide natural color results for all skin types, to give you that little extra Gleaux. Our formulas offer a beautiful bronze, just off the beach color with a smooth transition to a natural looking tan. When picking your perfect color match, we take several factors into consideration; your skin, hair and eye color as well as the level of tan you desire.

Then using only the highest quality products you will receive a healthy-looking, even tan.

We keep our standards high and with thousands of satisfied clients served, we guarantee you will love our expertise and your beautiful tan results.



Before Your Tan

  • 24-48 hours before get a
  • Mani,Pedi,Waxes
  • Gently exfoliate
  • Pack your Tan Bag

Day of Tan

  • Grab Tan Bag
  • Clean dry skin
  • No lotions
  • No oils
  • No Perfumes
  • Minimum deodorant
  • Hair Up
  • Make Up Off
  • Jewelry Off

Immediately after appointment

  • Dress in loose clothing
  • Keep away from anything wet until after first rinse
  • Don't work out or sweat until after first rinse
  • Keep your hands off your skin until first rinse


Overnight Tan Timeline

  • First Rinse 8-24 hours from appointment
  • First Soap Shower 24 hours from appointment

Rapid Tan Timeline

  • First Rinse Must be done 1-6 hours from appointment,
  • Exceeding recommended time can result in unwanted color
  • First Soap shower 24 hours from appointment


  • First Rinse - Warm Water Shower using hands only to remove bronzer. NO SOAP or LOTION at this time.
  • At first rinse you will be very light, the color washing off is just bronzer.
  • Your gorgeous tan will continue to develop and be fully developed at 24 hours from appointment.


  • First Real Shower - Warm water shower.
  • No Baths, no cloths or sponges.
  • Bathe using your hands and Norvells Cleansing Body Wash,
  • Then moisturize with your favorite Norvell Lotion.
  • For detailed instructions please see our instructions page.


Below is a little info on the different solution options I offer.

Overnight Solutions are applied and need to stay on the skin uninterrupted for 8-24 Hours. Only a warm water rinse may be done at time given to you by Jamie. No soap until 24 hours post tan time.

Rapid Solutions are applied and need to stay on the skin uninterrupted for 1-6 hours. The first rinse (water ONLY) time will be decide at Consultation. The first rinse with a Rapid is VERY important, to make sure the desired color and tone is achieved. No soap until 24 hours post tan time.

With Both overnight and rapid tanning you will start processing color immediately and will gradually gain color until the 24 hour post tan time or until you apply soap onto your skin.

Custom Spray Tan

$45 Overnight Solution

$50 Rapid Rinse

Each Spray Tan appointment at Gleaux Goddess includes a consultation, and a full body professionally applied airbrush tan with a solution to fit your skin type. 

Tan with a Friend Package $80

This is a booking for two people at the same time. Each person will receive a discount off their spray tan service when coming in together.

  • Overnight ($40 each)

  • Rapid ($45 each)

VIP Package $125 Monthly

If you never want to lose your Gleaux this package is just for you. You can come once per week for 6 months straight and gleaux everywhere you Geaux!

Rapid Rinse Tan $50

Forgot to book for your event tonight?  Busy schedule? Need to rinse soon? We have you covered with our rapid rinse solution. MUST warm water Rinse in 1-3 hours. Depending on color level desired.  

Groups Welcome in Salon

Wedding party, ladies night out, School functions, Book your spray tans together and save.This pricing is only applicable to groups coming in at the same appointment time. Discounts depend on number of Clients.


You've planned every detail for your wedding: found your something blue, mastered your makeup look, and even nailed down your hairstyle. Have you booked your spray tans yet?  

At Gleaux Goddess we have serviced brides and bridesmaids since opening in 2011 and have made wedding spray tans our specialty.  Whether you would like a light glow or a little more of a summer bronzed look, we will give you the perfect natural shade of gorgeous for your big day. 


Bridal Package $110

This package gives you 3 spray tans. One spray tan is for a trial run. (at least a few weeks before the wedding). By doing a trial run you'll learn how the process works and be able to adjust the color if need be for your Big Day without stressing.  Then use the second one can be used for a Shower, Party, Pictures Etc. The last tan is used 1-3 days before the big day.

Everyone wants to look dynamite on their wedding day. Having perfect skin is just one of the many things you will want taken care of for the wedding day. You will receive Three custom airbrush tans. Use two for Pictures or a wedding shower etc. The last tan is to be used a few days before the special day. We recommend the trial taking place 2-4 weeks before the big day.(Great for Bachelorette party or wedding shower) This will help settle your mind and answer any questions you have about what to expect. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids, as we offer group rates!

Tips for your wedding day spray tan....

  • Come in for your spray tan 1-3 days before your wedding so you will have washed off the instant bronzer. It will then be settled into your skin and ready for your big day.

  • Manicure, pedicure, waxing, Facials, Spa treatments etc... Must be done 24 hours Before having your spray tan. Your spray tan at Gleaux Goddess should be your last appointment until your Wedding Day!


Hair Services

  • Womans Hair Cut and Style $40

  • Mens Hair Cut $29

  • Teen Hair Cut (13-16 years) $30

  • Child Hair Cut (1-12 years) $20

  • Al la Carte Shampoo & Blow-dry Style $35

  • One Process Color $55

  • Full Head Highlight $110

  • Partial Head Highlight $90

  • Color and Partial Highlight combo $100

  • Blow Dry and Style after Chemical service without Hair Cut $25

  • Perm $80

  • Toner $50

  • Toner with Hilight $35

  • Formal Hair Style $55

  • Face waxing $15 each area, lip, chin, brow



Baton Rouge Location

Hair & Tan

Inside Genesis Hair Salon
4042 W. E. Heck Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-8pm

  • Wednesdays 10am-3pm

Prairieville Location

Tans Only

Inside The Local Lagniappe Shoppe
37390 Perkins Rd
Prairieville, LA 70769

  • Fridays 10am-3pm

  • Some Mondays and Saturdays